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3506 E MInnehaha Parkway
Minneapolis, MN


Josh Becker is a Minneapolis-based cinematographer who shoots, animates, and writes in third person. He's an Iowa native who now calls Minneapolis home.

When he's not shooting, he's probably talking about cameras or posting on some forum dedicated to nerds like himself.

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Here are a few of the "big" toys I own and use on productions. 



The RED Epic-W features RED's new Helium sensor and is capable of capturing 8K RAW images up to 30fps. Each frame from an 8K capture is 35 megapixels!


The Sony FS7, with it's built-in ND filters and XLR inputs, is a great documentary camera. Compressed 4K files keep the data sizes at a minimum.


The CamBlock Adventure system is compact motion control unit that is programmable and repeatable for live-action, time-lapse, and stop motion. You can keyframe the dolly, tilt, and pan axes, as well as additional lens motors for focus, iris, and zoom control. Includes RED control cable, as well as Sony and Canon DSLR trigger cables. controlled through an Android tablet and optional gamepad controller.